Working with research labs and institutions around the world, Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps researchers process complex workloads. AWS provides cost-effective, scalable and secure compute, as well as storage and database capabilities to accelerate time to science. With AWS, researchers can quickly analyze massive data pipelines, store petabytes of data, advance research using transformative technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Join us with our upcoming webinar and learn:
  • How organizations are leverage the cloud to tackle data processing challenges
  • The solutions for all kinds of high performance computing (HPC) workloads, real world examples of running HPC applications in a faster, more flexible and cost-effective way
  • Different HPC cluster deployment approaches, including newly setup and revamps on your research environment
  • Examples of using AI and Machine Learning in research projects, including medical imaging for health and life science with deep learning for computer vision, disaster management and response with deep learning and natural language processing
  • Reference architecture for data processing and machine learning pipelines

Featured Speaker

Neil Ashton

Dr. Neil Ashton
WW Principal CFD Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Dr. Neil Ashton is the WW Principal CFD Specialist Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services and a Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford. Previous positions were at NASA Ames Research Centre, Renault Formula 1 Team as well as consultancy roles for Formula 1, Audi, British Cycling, Williams Advanced Engineering and others.


Time Session Speaker
2:30 – 2:50 pm

Introduction of AWS for research IT

Jimmy Ching, Solutions Architect, AWS

2:50 – 3:25 pm

High Performance Computing on AWS – Innovating without infrastructure constraints

Dr. Neil Ashton, WW Principal CFD Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

3:25 – 3:55 pm

Make your own HPC Cluster on AWS

Dr. Kinson Chan, Senior System Architect, ClusterTech Limited

Patrick Pun, System Engineer, ClusterTech Limited

3:55 – 4:30 pm

AI and machine learning for research

Belton Kwong, Solutions Architect, AWS


Live Webinar Details

Thursday, 22 April 2021
Time: 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm (HKT time)
Registration Closed