End of support always feels like mad scramble yet is a fact of life. Now with Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 and SQL Sever 2008, which accounts for 40-60% of Windows and SQL Server instances, reaching the end of support, companies face the danger of unsupported systems when their future of business depends on them. eCloudvalley, as an AWS MSP Partner providing a complete cloud service, we can optimize your Windows support — just like what we do for over 500 customers and over 30,000 instances. And from now till Dec. 15, 2020, we will re-host or do re-platform migration for free.

Offer in Detail

  • Re-host/re-platform Microsoft workloads for free
  • Available till March 31, 2021
  • Requires one-year contract and agreement to consolidate their existing AWS billing with eCloudvalley


  • No more Windows Servers end of support worries
  • Managed by an AWS MSP Partners with experience in managing over 500 customers and 30,000+ instances
  • Eligible for Government D-Biz fund

About eCloudvalley

eCloudvalley, your trusted cloud advisor. As an APN Premier Consulting Partner with multiple competencies, eCloudvalley is dedicated to help enterprise digital transformation leveraging cloud technologies. We provide Next Generation Managed Services, Migration, Data Solutions, SAP on AWS, AWS Training, DevOps, Containers and Serverless solutions. Our professional team has already served customers across Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Philippines and Singapore.

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