China is the second-largest economy among the world, many brands are interested in expanding their presence in the market. The country’s unique internet environment can be challenging for overseas brands and may not deliver the expected performance. Optimizing your website performance requires significant upfront costs, onshore technical expertise, and prerequisites, such as an ICP license, China business registration, etc.

Chinafy offers a smarter alternative. The company’s China Web Performance Solution combines location-based routing, intelligent resource handling, edge computing, and multi-CDN capabilities to optimize your business website performance in China at one third of traditional costs and can be deployed within weeks — not years.

Existing AWS customers can leverage Chinafy’s zero-configuration yet flexible cross-border website performance platform to build their technical stack for China. Plus, from now till June 30, 2021, you get a free month on us when you subscribe for a month. 

Offer in Detail

  • One-time setup fees for 30% off
  • Subscribe one month and get an additional month free
  • Only available for new customers until June 30, 2021


  • Create a fully-managed version of your business website in China
  • Improve cross-border performance, compatibility, and deliverability
  • Increase time-on-site and conversions 
  • Optimize operational costs with pay-as-you-go China CDN bandwidth 
  • Rule-based, zero-touch maintenance with custom enterprise solutions available 

About Chinafy

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Chinafy is on a mission to put the world’s second-largest economy within reach of global companies. The company’s China Web Performance Solution accelerates, optimizes, and protects business sites in China without additional hardware, software, or code modification. By combining intelligent China-specific resource optimization with a multi-layer infrastructure, the Solutions can improve business site performance, decrease bounce rates, and increase conversions within China in a more cost-effective, results-driven way.

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