Many IT leaders are looking to move to the cloud during these uncertain times. But to make a success of cloud migration, you must carefully consider the benefits and risks, along with which cloud model and strategy is right for your business.

Rackspace and AWS are here to help. Our Quick Start Migration Pack can help you jump-start your cloud journey:

  • Get an AWS Well-Architected framework and your first workload migrated — all for a fixed low cost
  • Secure workloads and free up over-utilised IT resources by moving to AWS
  • Gain access to best-in-class Rackspace tools and always-on support
  • Leverage add-on Rackspace services that are customised to your business needs
  • Drive business growth while Rackspace migrates and manages your new AWS platform

Offer Details

  • Certified cloud specialists will design, build and migrate your system, including:
    1. Building the Landing Zone
    2. Migrating up to 10 virtual machines
    3. Optimising performance and reliability throughout
  • Special AWS Partner Funding on your AWS annual infrastructure spend

Offer Benefits

  • Accelerate cloud adoption with a low risk, tried and tested cloud migration methodology
  • Get an AWS environment built on best practices
  • Demonstrate fast time to value for your business
  • Reduce business risk by migrating production workloads to a highly available and scalable platform

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