Data and analytics services for government and nonprofit organizations 

Government and nonprofit organizations across the globe are turning to AWS data management solutions to reduce costs, optimize operations, improve constituent engagement, increase security, and deliver innovation.

In this four-part webinar series for government and nonprofit technology leaders, AWS experts detail a variety of use cases across databases, analytics and AI/ML to demonstrate how organizations are transforming to meet internal and external demands.


Improve organizational value by migrating relational databases to the cloud

Discover how AWS tools, programs, and partners can assist in your migration journey and discover the financial and operational benefits.

Modernize your applications with new functionality using AWS NoSQL databases

Learn how you can increase the value of your applications by integrating new database technologies and how they can improve application performance and capabilities.

Anticipatory government: Using advanced analytics for real-time or preemptive resolution

Hear how public sector organizations can leverage advanced and predictive analytics to uncover new ways to improve mission outcomes.

Cybersecurity analytics: Detect, predict, prevent, and respond

Learn how organizations have successfully leveraged AWS analytics and AI/ML services to take their threat intelligence to the next level.

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