Learn from leading AWS experts working with government agencies and nonprofits in every stage of the ML process

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services from Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help improve efficiency with document processing, speed up innovation by delivering digital services, and lower cost by gaining deeper insights into your data.

What you'll learn

  • How to prepare, process, and model ML workloads efficiently and cost effectively in the AWS Cloud
  • How to use ready-made or purpose-built AI services or build and deploy your own models with AWS ML services
  • Customer stories on intelligent document processing, low-code/no-code Amazon SageMaker, and establishing ML operations through automation

Who should attend?

US and global government organizations and nonprofits, no matter where they are in their machine learning journey, who want to learn how AI/ML is fueling the next wave of innovation.

On demand sessions

Generative AI on AWS: Introduction and applications in public sector

This session offers you an overview of generative AI, addresses key use cases enabled by generative AI, and highlights solutions from AWS to support public sector use cases. 

AWS Speakers: Americo Carvalho and Sam Palani

Intelligent document processing using AI/ML in government

Automate and process large volumes of documents to improve efficiency in your organization with intelligent document processing on AWS and our purpose-built solutions for intelligent document extraction, document understanding, and their underlying services.

AWS Speakers: Sergio Ortega and Tim Condello

Low-code / no-code Amazon SageMaker for government and nonprofits

Concentrate on refining predictions and less on coding with low-code solutions. Discover low-code solutions for every stage of the machine learning process to speed up the building, training, and deployment of high-performing models with pre-constructed models, AutoML, and data visualizations.

AWS Speakers: Alec MacEachern and Aaron Sengastacken

Accelerate innovation with machine learning ops on AWS

Hear how Amazon SageMaker's machine learning operations (MLOps) tools help automate and standardize processes across the machine learning lifecycle. These MLOps tools maintain production performance while allowing data scientists and ML engineers to train, test, troubleshoot, deploy, and govern models at scale.

AWS Speakers: Asim Qureshi and Sherry Ding

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