Start your migration journey with a complimentary AWS Migration Assessment

Through this comprehensive assessment of your current on-premises and existing cloud environments, you'll gain valuable insights that enable you to:

  • Right-size your instances, avoiding over and under-provisioning
  • Identify the best AWS services and instance types for each workload
  • Model licensing scenarios, including license-included or bring-your-own-license instances to avoid unnecessary licensing costs
  • Identify and quantify cost savings and operational efficiencies gained by migrating to AWS
  • Build a data-driven business case, demonstrating the strategic value of cloud migration with prescriptive next steps

Get started today

  1. Fill out the form on this page to request your complimentary AWS Migration Assessment
  2. An AWS migration expert will reach out to discuss your specific needs and schedule your assessment
  3. Leverage AWS tools to perform a discovery of your IT infrastructure including inventory and resource utilization information or provide us with a flat file
  4. You'll receive a customized report within 1 week to review with your stakeholders and AWS