AWS GameDay: LoL Esports Edition 2023

What is AWS GameDay League of Legends Esports Edition?

A team-based game where players put their AWS skills playing with real League of Legends (LoL) Esports challenges and data provided by Riot Games, all for a chance to win the final prize. Teams compete in a real-world, gamified, risk-free environment and have fun learning more about the potential of AWS in the gaming industry. Sounds interesting? More on the challenge below.

Demacia Data Needs To Up Their ‘Prediction Game’

You are part of the development team at Demacia Data, one of the hottest data analytics companies rocking the esports scene with a high tech approach to scouting, draft analysis, and global power rankings. Demacia’s Machine Learning models have impressed Riot Games, and as a result, Riot has asked Demacia to build a win prediction model for League of Legends. With the championship only 24 hours away, can you build a model that predicts who will win while the match is being played?

Where can I play?

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What if I cannot attend?

In 2023, AWS will be livestreaming some of their GameDay: LoL events! Livestreams will feature exclusive interviews with leaders and tech experts from Riot Games and AWS, and many more surprises. You can also watch all of our content on demand after the livestream is done!

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