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Under the Hood of Hit Games Workshop

Game development is all about building an experience that will delight players. But, how do game developers know which decisions are the right ones? Learn how to build a Game Analytics Pipeline to help launch a scalable serverless data pipeline that ingests, stores, processes, and analyzes telemetry data generated from games and services. In this session, developers will learn how to deploy the AWS Game Analytics Pipeline, enabling them to gain valuable game insights within minutes from ingesting streaming data and spend time improving game features instead of managing infrastructure. Developers will see AWS services in action, including Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), AWS Glue, and Amazon QuickSight.

Length: 2 hours

Learning Objectives
• Understand which data to gather based on the questions you are looking to answer in your game
• Learn how to use key AWS services to ingest, store, process, and visualize data
• Explore a one-click deployment AWS Solution that will deploy a serverless game analytics pipeline with little overhead

Who Should Attend
Intended for small to medium sized game studios who want to gain insights from their game but don’t want to spend time managing infrastructure. This includes Game Developers, Game Directors, Cloud Architects, Data Analysts, CTOs, and more.

Gena Gizzi, AWS Solutions Architect and Greg Cheng, AWS Solutions Architect