Unlocking the benefits of the cloud for Swiss banking and finance businesses

The cloud can help businesses in the Swiss banking and finance market innovate faster and deliver consistently high levels of customer experience. All while maintaining the quality of your products and services customers expect, and safeguarding your regulatory compliance.

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Greater innovation, security, and resiliency. AWS is How.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) can show you how to unlock the benefits of the cloud to become more innovative and agile, to build trust with customers, and to unlock productivity and efficiency gains.

Key benefits:

  • Improved agility when you modernise disparate legacy systems.
  • Keep up with evolving customer expectations.
  • Use your data to drive business growth and innovation.
  • Build with confidence on our secure, compliant, resilient cloud - check out our Swiss Financial Services Compliance Centre

Plus, our new infrastructure region in Zurich means AWS will be able to offer unwavering power and connectivity to all our Swiss customers.

What is a ‘Region’, and what does it mean for my business?

The AWS (Amazon Web Services) Region in Switzerland is located in Zurich and is called the EU (Europe) Central Region. The AWS Region in Switzerland provides financial services firms with improved performance, enhanced security and compliance, cost savings, scalability and flexibility, and access to a wide range of cloud computing services. Watch the animated explainer to see understand more about what an AWS Region is and what it means for your business.

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Meeting a broad set of needs

The banking, financial services and insurance markets, face many different challenges­.
AWS can help you delight your customers, stay compliant, and deliver growth.


Optimise critical aspects of banking operation - from customer service delivery models to risk management - to build a foundation for innovation and growth.

Investments/Capital Markets

From exceptional responsiveness to world-class customer experiences, AWS is how organisations in the Swiss financial services sector can move faster to innovate, transform and increase value.


With integrated audit friendly service features, you’ll find that AWS was built for the most security-sensitive enterprises and applications.


AWS can help you create an agile infrastructure to improve risk profiles, gain deeper customer insights, and optimise decision-making.

Key features

Find out more about how AWS is already helping businesses like yours.


Running old systems can deplete valuable resources for innovating. Transform your legacy systems to unlock improved agility and scale.


Your customers want access to your services from any device, from any location, and at any time. You need to keep up with their behaviours and expectations.


The ability to analyse your data in the cloud is a crucial first step to greater business growth and product innovation.


The AWS Cloud offers you one of the most secure, compliant, resilient cloud environments. We can help you comply with industry regulations on data privacy and reporting.


Hear from our customers


With help from AWS, Helvetia, a Swiss insurance group with a global reach, now hosts over 40% of its applications in the cloud—a number that’s increasing day by day. By migrating to the cloud, Helvetia has gained access to a world of innovative solutions that can improve customer satisfaction. For example, the insurance group has automated core processes and simplified its IT environment, meaning it can resolve customer queries faster and more efficiently.

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Learn how iptiQ, a scale-up division of reinsurer Swiss Re, is making it easy for consumer brands to sell insurance to their customers. Building on AWS, iptiQ can better support their partners, give them the products they need faster, and make the digital journey easier for their customers.­

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Fisch Asset Management

Zurich-based Fisch Asset Management started its cloud journey with AWS in 2017 and now has a cloud-first strategy. Operating in a highly regulated industry means security and data protection are priority. Find out how AWS Professional Services supported Fisch by establishing automated security controls to protect the company’s sensitive data. 

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Capital One

Capital One moved eight datacenters to AWS, transforming customer experience in the process. The company recycled huge volumes of copper and steel, and expects to save 10 megawatts of power, the equivalent of 650,000 LED light bulbs, per year.

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Goldman Sachs, an established financial services firm, transforms its operations on AWS

AWS helped Goldman Sachs to transform the way it operates internally—from automated digital forensics to digital supply chain and procurement—and externally by serving customers through innovations such as the Goldman Sachs Financial Cloud for Data.

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Volkswagen Financial Services

Volkswagen Financial Services (VWFS) is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to drive cloud transformation across its organisation. In this video, Osvaldo Ramirez, head of the North American region development hub, and Stefan Klünker, global product owner, describe how VWFS uses AWS Training and Certification to strengthen its employees’ cloud knowledge and skills.

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See how Appway used AWS for Financial Institutions to create fast, secure business workflows. These sensitive workflows, such as client onboarding, require strong security policies. With AWS, Appway is able to set up and manage isolated architecture where every customer has a dedicated AWS account with its own resources like compute and storage for maximum control and flexibility.

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Avaloq, a leading financial technology and services provider for banking and wealth management, built a system to generate fully fledged and highly secure core banking environments (“bank-in-a-box”) in the AWS Cloud. The brain for this system is built on Amazon EKS, which allows Avaloq to focus on activities that generate value for their customers.

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Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse Group, an international exchange organisation, built and launched a new cloud-based data analytics platform in just four months using AWS. Market participants can use the platform to back-test and improve their algorithms, maximise the effectiveness of their trading strategies, or to increase investment returns.

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Featured articles and blog posts

Find out more about how AWS is already helping businesses like yours.

Press Release: Zurich Selects AWS to Accelerate Digital Transformation and Deliver New Customer Experiences at Scale

Zurich Insurance Group has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to migrate its enterprise IT infrastructure to the cloud, aiming to accelerate digital transformation and enhance customer experiences. The partnership involves migrating critical applications to AWS by 2025, including core insurance and SAP workloads. By leveraging AWS services like Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora, Zurich aims to streamline operations, develop new products faster, and meet regulatory requirements. The collaboration also includes training initiatives to upskill Zurich's workforce and accelerate cloud adoption.

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Meet the AWS Swiss FSI SA and Compliance team

In its shift to the cloud, the financial services industry is confronting a range of familiar and emerging issues: evolving regulations, privacy laws, highly dynamic security threat landscape, security, and operational resilience. With limited cloud expertise, this presents a series of complex challenges. The AWS Swiss FSI SA and Compliance team is here to help you proactively respond to new rules and guidelines. The team has deep experience in helping businesses navigate the complexities of compliance, customer experience, and innovation, when working on IT projects. Read this blog for a summary of their industry expertise and how they can partner with you to solve your compliance.

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AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF) leverages AWS experience and best practices to help you digitally transform and accelerate your business outcomes through the innovative use of AWS. The process identifies specific organisational capabilities that underpin successful cloud transformations, offering best practice guidance to help you improve your cloud readiness.

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How Swiss financial institutions can migrate highly confidential data to the AWS cloud

In a regulated industry like financial services, moving to the cloud isn’t a simple lift-and-shift exercise. Financial institutions should follow a formal service-by-service assessment process to explore how the cloud can help safeguard their regulatory obligations while helping to develop personalised digital experiences, offer new products, and proactively address global risk.

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Achieving PCI DSS compliance with Amazon Connect

With Amazon Connect you can create a contact center in just a few steps, add agents anywhere, and start engaging with your customers. It supports personalised customer experiences through dynamic chat and voice communications. Meanwhile, agents can conveniently handle all customers from a single interface. It has been created to help you stay compliant with all the necessary data regulations, such as PCI DSS.

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AWS Mainframe Modernization:
Analysing legacy applications

The technology that has supported your organisation for many years is not something you can simply switch off and walk away from without careful planning. The AWS Mainframe Modernization service will perform a detailed technical analysis of your current state, and understand the dependencies on your legacy technology, allowing a robust cloud migration plan to be developed.

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Four key tips from a former technology CFO

It’s one thing to talk about moving to the cloud. It’s another to lead a migration project. It can be helpful to learn from someone who has done it successfully. Our Enterprise Strategist, Chris Hennesey, has shared his experience as a CFO who took Capital One to the cloud in this blog post. Chris has four pieces of advice for CFOs and business leaders looking to embark on their cloud journey. He also explains the business value of cloud technology for financial organisations like yours—including cost control and greater agility.

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Using AWS in Light of the New Swiss Data Protection Act

Switzerland's revised data protection laws, effective September 2023, now closely align with GDPR principles. AWS ensures compliance through measures like the Swiss Addendum to its Data Processing Addendum and adherence to the CISPE Code of Conduct, offering customers robust solutions for data sovereignty and security.

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Prepare your AWS workloads for the “Operational risks and resilience – banks” FINMA Circular

The recent revision of FINMA's circular on operational risks and resilience for banks, taking effect from January 1, 2024, represents a significant regulatory overhaul. This transformation prompts a detailed examination of its implications for AWS customers within the financial sector. This article delves into the multifaceted solutions offered by AWS, strategically crafted to address crucial facets such as data control, resilience, and meticulous alignment with FINMA's stringent compliance directives.

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