Accelerating cloud transformation to feed data-hungry fans

Cloud transformation is key to the success of Formula 1’s fan-centric business. In order to accelerate that transformation, Formula 1 made the decision to move the vast majority of its infrastructure from on-premises data centers to AWS. Formula 1 sought to enhance its race strategies, data tracking systems, and digital broadcasts through a wide variety of AWS services—including event-driven, serverless computing and analytics.

Giving race fans a bigger rush

The company’s data scientists are training deep-learning models to extract critical race performance statistics and make better race predictions, giving fans more access to the inner workings of the sport. The data-rich, real-time metrics delivered by AWS machine learning and analytics services have literally changed the way Formula 1 fans and teams experience racing.

Driving bigger results across a 500M fan base

Today, Formula 1 relies heavily on AWS technology to power its digital experiences for casual enthusiasts and professional engineers alike. Fans get an all-access pass to statistics that make them feel like part of the racing team. And the company itself benefits from both a more engaged fan base and advanced simulations its aerodynamics team uses to develop next-gen car design rules. That’s the impact of innovation on AWS.

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