The explosion of FinTech “enablers” in the last few years is as fascinating as the story of the growth of B2C-focused FinTech companies. The startups developing and providing cutting-edge technologies from core infrastructure, to customer onboarding solutions, to payments systems are disrupting financial services as much as new digital banks. The key to the growth of these FinTech enablers is partnerships.

Download this report by AWS, Innovate Finance, and Finch Capital to find out how partnerships generate a multiplier effect, where many FinTech firms can benefit from cooperation. Find out how FinTech partnerships have, in a relatively short period of time, become a crucial driver of growth in the sector.

Key Insights

  • What are FinTech enablers?
  • How Open Banking and Open APIs have accelerated partnerships and enabled new business models
  • Scaling your business in the cloud: building growth partnerships and focusing on customer value
  • How performance and resiliency can help FinTechs achieve innovative partnerships
  • Vertical applications of AIML are key to many enabler models

What our customers have said

“We’ve acquired customers very quickly. We couldn’t have done that without the single code base that AWS helped us deploy,” Frederik Pfisterer, COO and Co-founder of Mambu

“Working with AWS, Yapily is equipping partners with a highly secure and efficient API infrastructure to leverage Open Banking data,” Christian Ball, Head of Partnerships at Yapily.

“Partnerships are critical to Onfido's strategy. Onfido is setting the new identity standard for digital access and we cannot do this in a vacuum,” Ed Ackerman, Director Alliances & Partnerships at Onfido

“With AWS, we are focused on cloud-enabled architecture. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is expanding our business quickly and working with new partners,” Jerome Gudgeon, CTO, GPS.

“Our recommendation is always a cloud native application. I don't see any way forward for banks to progress their architecture without deploying cloud infrastructure,” Travers Clarke-Walker, CCO, Thought Machine.

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