Buying Cloud During Federal Fiscal Year-End

 Looking to buy cloud with federal year-end funds? It is possible.

Looking to buy cloud with federal year-end funds?
It's possible.

The end of the federal government fiscal year is fast approaching. With an unprecedented budget left to spend before September 30, the clock is ticking for agencies to obligate their remaining FY2019 funds. Amazon Web Services (AWS) can provide federal agencies with options to procure future cloud computing resources using current-year funds – from purchasing future Reserved Instances (RI) to professional services engagement to training credits for your staff. Before the September 30 deadline approaches, review the list below of implementation and purchasing recommendations to meet your agency’s needs:

  • Reserved Instances (RIs) are prepaid commitments for AWS Cloud computing instances (i.e., Amazon EC2). They provide you with the option to invest upfront to receive a greater discount. With one-year or three-year contracts and several pre-purchasing options, RIs provide up to a 75% discount, compared to on-demand instance pricing. RIs can provide a capacity reservation, offering added confidence in your ability to launch the number of instances you need.
  • AWS Professional Services is a team of AWS experts that can help you realize your desired outcomes when using the AWS Cloud. They work together with your team and your chosen partner of the AWS Partner Network (APN) to execute your cloud computing and transformation initiatives.
  • AWS Training offers learning paths, onsite training, virtual training, and can work with your organization to develop a customized learning strategy. From existing curriculum to custom courses, we can help arm your organization for greater innovation, develop better solutions for citizens, and accomplish your missions more efficiently.

Learn how AWS Cloud experts, our extensive AWS Partner Network (APN), and a breadth of contract vehicles can help you take advantage of your remaining year-end funds through the procurement channel that’s right for you. Complete this form and we can help you with a tailored RI plan in time to leverage year-end funds.

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