Observability with AWS Fargate

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AWS Fargate.pngContainers Observability with AWS Fargate

Keep the convenience of AWS Fargate without compromising visibility into your program. Learn how AWS App Mesh and Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights can work with Fargate for a smooth and convenient experience in managing and deploying your containers.

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What is Observability with AWS Fargate?

Observability with Fargate exists with three key functions: monitoring, logging, and tracing. Over the past few months, AWS has introduced products that enable you to see more clearly with Fargate: AWS App Mesh and Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights. These products take care of logging and monitoring to bring you convenience and transparency. Check out the video below to learn more!

AWS Fargate Set Up     AWS App Mesh Set Up     Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights Set Up

Observability through Logging with AWS App Mesh

When it first came out, AWS Fargate enabled you to run containers without having to manage servers or clusters - this meant you no longer had to worry about the infrastructure of the application.

Since then, AWS App Mesh has brought along another level of convience: traffic control and observability. Combining the two allows for both a bridge between different compute environments, along with ease of deploying applications using Amazon ECS. 

In order to use AWS App Mesh with AWS Fargate for increased visibility and ease, read through the step-by-step process for implementation on the AWS Compute Blog here. See more examples and end-to-end walkthroughs of AWS App Mesh on GitHub.

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Observability through Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights

Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights now enables you to monitor, isolate, and diagnose your containerized applications and microservice environments. With this service, you will be able to have access to automated dashboards that summarize the AWS Fargate clusters by tasks, containers, and services.

Guidlines to set up Amazon CloudWatch Container Insights with AWS Fargate to start monitoring can be found here.

Interested in a AWS Container Logging Deep Dive into FireLens, Fluentd, and Fluent Bit? Register to watch the AWS Online Tech Talk on November 18, 2019 here!


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