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AWS re:Invent Recap

Amazon Web Services is bringing a recap of AWS re:Invent to Benelux: don’t miss out! This free afternoon event is packed with keynote sessions, announcements and highlights from re:Invent 2018 — the largest-ever gathering of the global AWS community. During the afternoon and evening, AWS technical resources will be on hand to answer questions about the latest AWS announcements and projects.

User Groups

In the evening, the User Groups will feature a meetup event at the same venue with a mix of free breakout sessions, workshops, and hands-on sessions to allow you to experience new products and services. 

Why attend? 

  • Discover the latest solutions and services from AWS, and learn how to integrate them into your applications.

  • Network with other AWS customers and meet technology providers and consultants from our ecosystem and User Groups.

  • Get guidance and coaching on how to build with AWS.

Who should attend? 

  • If you’re a Senior Technical Executive or a Technical Business Owner, you can learn to leverage cloud technology to scale fast, and take your business to the next level.

  • If you’re an IT professional, Architect, Developer, Engineer or System Administrator, you can learn how to deploy applications in highly available, scalable AWS architectures. Event keynotes are suitable for IT pros from all types of organizations, from start-ups and enterprises to public sector groups.


December 13, 2018


2:30pm - 9pm
Registration at: 2pm


Spant!, Dr. Abraham Kuyperlaan 3, 1402 SB Bussum, Netherlands


Time Session
2:00 PM – 2:30 PM          Registration & Coffee
2:30 PM - 4:00 PM AWS Keynote
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM  Break
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM AWS Keynote
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM Dinner
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM  User Group Breakout Sessions

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Steven Bryen

Steven Bryen is a Senior Technical Evangelist at Amazon Web Services, based in London. He is passionate about emerging technologies and often speaks with developer communities around the world. As an AWS Evangelist, Steven helps to increase awareness of AWS cloud services and to help customers understand the benefits that taking advantage of the cloud can deliver.

Martin Beeby

As a principle evangelist for Amazon Web Services, Martin travels the world showcasing the transformational capabilities of AWS. Martin has been developing applications since he was 16 and over the past 20 years has worked on projects with many major companies and brands. His primary focus is on .NET applications and has worked as a C# and VB developer since 2001.

User Group Sessions

Title Speaker Abstract
Moving 260 apps in 15 Months to the Cloud in the Public Sector Michel Habets, ICT Arch. && Costas Tyfoxylos, Mission Critical Eng., Schuberg Philis How Automation and using Smart Lift & Shift can help to migrate deploy 140 Enterprise Apps. Where did we come from? Challenge how do you migrate 260 apps to the Cloud? Demo, Why is this an important case? What place did you end up now currently?
How to migrate Exact Online to AWS Vincent Lesierse, Principal Software Arch., Exact With Exact Online more than 400.000 companies are doing their day to day business in the cloud. Two years ago, Exact started their journey to migrate their business-critical application to AWS. What was our driver to take this step forward? How did the road to success looked like? Now we are in the cloud, what next? This session will not only answer these questions, but also provide real-world examples about infrastructure as code, the AWS well architected framework and projects where AWS allows us to power our product innovation.
Security in the cloud Armin Coralic, Cloud Arch., Xebia Security is such a big subject which means that when you say security depending on the person you talk to they will have one or more of the following topics in their mind: AWS access, Access to your AWS infra, Audit Trails of who did what in AWS, Securing access to your application and OS security. And the list goes on and on. Without pretending I have "THE solution" and "to know it all" let me show you what I did regarding security in the cloud. I will show you how I tried to take security measures on all for me relevant aspects mentioned above and more.
Securing your cloud workloads in a DevOps environment Danny Claproth, Principal Sales Eng., TrendMicro Securing cloud workloads across multiple environments can be a challenge. Going through a digital transformation needs Security solutions which are cloud native and are able to integrate with automations processes which are needed in a DevOps environment. This session will show how Trend Micro can transform your DevOps into DevSecOps to better enhance the security with automation.
Advanced Business Casing on AWS -understanding TCO calculations Christian van Barneveld, Cloud Arch., Weolcan How to determine the business case behind a migration to AWS? Do you need something better than the regular online TCO calculation? There are many variables at play which makes performing a business case calculation a daunting task. In this session we will provide a structured way to build a business case that allows you to run multiple scenarios (like IaaS | IaaS & PaaS | Serverless) and provides a solid foundation for the decision making process. We will learn you how to perform a financial analysis without ending up in 'analysis paralysis'. Are you concerned about working with assumptions? We will teach you how to minimize the number of assumptions and validate them using benchmark data.
Hey, where's my cow? (LoRaWan integration with the AWS IoT platform and Serverless stack) Jieke Pan, Director of Eng., Mobiquity The solution consists of LoRaWan integration with the AWS IoT platform and Serverless stack. It delivers innovative business value to the Australian farmers; they can easily track the location of their cattle (as cows are tagged with LoRa trackers), as well as receiving notifications when a cow moves out of its paddock. They can also optimize their farms based on grazing patterns observed from the collected data.
How S3 became cheaper, smarter and so much better to operate Leon Degeling, Pragmatic Arch., Devoto Vitale S3, being one of the earliest AWS services around has a basic management interface and operations on great amounts of S3 objects can be cumbersome. With the introduction of S3 Batch Operations, S3 Object Lock, S3 intelligent Tiering and the tighter integration of Glacier working with larger amounts of files has become a lot easier and you can easily drive the costs of your s3 operation down. In this session I show the new features of S3 and demo the power of combining S3 Batch operations with AWS-Lambda.
Accelerate data warehouse modernization Harald de Bakker, Cloud Spc., Informatica During this session, the audience will discover how they can kick-start new cloud data warehousing projects across cloud and on-premise analytical data sources by coupling Amazon Redshift with Informatica data integration.
Provisioning and maintaining AWS accounts within an enterprise Mark Biesheuvel, Cloud Systems Eng., Tim Zuiddam,Cloud Systems Eng., Oblivion Cloud Control Hear how we use AWS Organizations and CloudFormation StackSets to quickly roll out new AWS accounts, manage individual account configuration and roll out updates to existing accounts.
AWS CLI: What's there and what's to come Ben Bridts, Cloud Eng., Cloudar The AWS CLI is used extensively by almost any organization working with AWS. In this session we will take a look at some less known, or hidden features of the CLI and some tools that may make working with the cli easier. We will also talk about the future to see what's coming with v2 of this tool.
Essential custom providers and tools for creating infrastructure as code with CloudFormation Mark van Holsteijn, CTO, Creating immutable infrastructure as code, using CloudFormation is doable, but there are still a number of hurdles that have to be taken to get to a 100% automation in a secure fashion. We had to create a number of custom providers to get to 100% and we will present a number of them which we think are relevant for anyone. So are you interested in:
- How to deploy and manages secret reliably and secure using the infrastructure as code paradigm?
- How to deploy database users to avoid handing out DB root credentials to teams?
- How to keep your latest AMI up to date with working with "latest"?
- How to deploy ECS task images while keeping track of the deploy image version in git?
- How to deploy API gateway Rest API using CloudFormation, although AWS claims you cannot?
Mirabeau Cloud Framework Lotte-Sara Laan, Principal Cloud Solution Eng, Mirabeau At Mirabeau we've been working with AWS for years. Part of our work is the setup of new environments for our customers in AWS. As real DevOps engineers, we don’t like to do the same thing over and over again, so we started to adopt CloudFormation to set up these environments. Over the years, our CloudFormation scripts have been transformed into Ansible modules (roles) allowing us to easily roll out specific pieces per our customer's needs. In this session we're going to tell you how these modules have been set up and how you can use them yourselves to roll out your environments as well.
Replace backend development with Amplify Ruben Oostinga, Software Dev Consultant, Xebia This session is a demo of a real-time web app with authentication, DB storage, file storage and search. It will be based on the amplify-cli.

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