Migration best practices lead to better cloud outcomes

"Cloud infrastructure utilization has passed the tipping point. Research shows that 58% of mid-market and enterprise-sized organizations rely on infrastructure-as-a-service today, 3.4x the incidence observed in 2015." - Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

Organizations today are migrating to the cloud faster than ever, and about 90% of customers report that doing so had improved their workload performance, reduced IT complexity, and increased their availability by a significant margin. However, research group ESG found that those who aren’t experiencing cloud benefits are also not following key best practices, such as investing in training and certification, analyzing their workload requirements, or starting small and taking a methodical approach to scaling their IT stack. Read ESG’s full report to discover the use cases available for your organization, assess any challenges or opportunities that may arise based on your cloud maturity stage, and leverage the best practices followed by cloud leaders.

Learn How to:

  • Identify the core benefits of migrating to cloud infrastructure, including reduced cost, maximized uptime, and accelerated app innovation.
  • Assess your organization's cloud maturity stage and craft a migration strategy that focuses on your business case.
  • Build a strong foundation for success by investing in test migrations, training and certification, and workload forecasts to satisfy future requirements.

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