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Transform, Innovate, & Accelerate throughout the Energy Transition.

The future of energy is now, from drone-enabled asset management, AR/VR-based computer vision with AI/ML insights, and robotics deployment in workflow automation, to real-time emissions monitoring. The energy transition and the pace of innovation in the energy sector is accelerating. Join us for the AWS Energy Symposium, a premiere conference designed for executives, professionals, and technical leaders and builders across the energy and utilities industry seeking new strategies to accelerate their energy transition.

The Future of Energy

Save the Date for the 2024 Energy Symposium on Aug. 14, 2024, Houston, Texas.


Session content has been designed for you to hear from energy and utilities executives as they share their transformational journeys to the cloud.

The presentations feature customers, partners, industry, and senior AWS Energy leaders showcasing how leading energy organizations are innovating and accelerating the energy transition. You will discover how organizations are transforming the energy industry and the innovations that can help you improve performance, accelerate innovation, transform the customer experience, maximize safety, and minimize your carbon footprint.

AWS Energy Symposium Focuses on Energy Transition

Mark Sen Gupta
Director of Research, ARC Advisory Group

Read this blog by Mark Sen Gupta, #arcadvisory who states the event delivered in showing how organizations are transforming their industry and the innovations that can help customers improve performance, accelerate innovation, and minimize their carbon footprint.

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General Sessions

Opening Remarks Howard Gefen, General Manager, Energy & Utilities, AWS
Keynote: Reinventing EnergyArthur Hanna, Senior Advisor to the World Energy Council
Panel Discussion: Designing Your Organization for Digital Transformation and SustainabilityModerator: Arno van den Haak, Head WW Business Development Energy, AWSPanelists: Bill Rothe, VP, Information Technology, Hilcorp | Brandon Brown, VP and CTO, Laredo Petroleum | Naveen Pandrangi, GM Refining and Midstream Digital Business Systems, Phillips 66
Dissecting Energy SecurityRaoul LeBlanc, VP North American Unconventionals, S&P Global
Panel Discussion: Energy Transition and Sustainability Across the Energy & Utilities Value Chain Moderator: Rolf Gibbels, Head WW Energy & Utilities, AWS Panelists: Matt Pawlowski, Executive Director Business Management and Regulatory Affairs, NextEra | Steve Deskevich, Executive VP Products, GE Digital | David Rabley, Energy Transition and Sustainability Global Lead for Energy, Accenture
AWS Energy Solutions and Innovation Roadmap Sid Bhattacharya, Head of Solutions Energy, AWS
Panel Discussion: Women Reinventing EnergyModerator: Nadia Bollinger, Partner Solutions Architecture Senior Manager, Energy AWSPanelists: Sarah Queen, Director of Digital Value Engineering, Halliburton | Keisha Garcia, VP Digital Foundations Programmes, BP | Morgan Bowling, Industry Principal Oil & Gas, Seeq | Kaeli Baker, Senior Principal Cybersecurity, Slalom

Breakout Sessions

TRACK 1Transform Your Core Operations
How BP Transformed Their Upstream Operations With a Move to the Cloud Having monitored successful EnergySys implementations in some of their subsidiaries, bp opted to replace their traditional on-premise solutions with the EnergySys Cloud Platform, hosted on AWS. This move saw the supermajor realize real gains in efficiency, cost and alignment with the innovative group cloud-first strategy. In this session we will examine the factors that helped bp make the move to cloud, the role EnergySys and AWS played, how bp attacked the global roll-out, the results from the move and lessons learned.
Machine Learning, Satellite Imagery, and Threat Detection: How TC Energy and Slalom Are Building the Next Generation of Remote Monitoring Capabilities TC Energy is seeking to improve their ability to monitor, identify, and respond to potential threats to its pipeline assets. With the help of Slalom, TC Energy is building a ML-based product that leverages satellite imagery to identify threats and detect anomalies. Armed with this capability, TC engineers will greatly improve their monitoring capabilities which will help curb unwanted incidents and minimize impacts to the local communities, the environment, and TC’s brand.
Increase Reliability and Transform Electric Grid With AWS Transforming electric grid planning and operations with cloud computing is happening NOW to meet the demands of the fast-changing grid landscape. In this session, ISO New England shares their experience building planning studies, load forecasting, backup control & emergency dispatch, and anomaly detection on AWS. Having started with cloud for non-critical workloads, ISO-NE quickly saw the value of cloud computing for their business. With security, reliability, and operational needs defined, they challenged traditional approaches and adopted cloud solutions to expand their capabilities. They continue to build innovative, secure, and practical cloud solutions on AWS for power systems to achieve operational excellence.
Amy Xu, Product Manager, Innovation and Engineering, BP p.l.c. | Peter Black, CEO, EnergySys Jason Sidhu, Director of Product Delivery, TC Energy | Ray Pitts, Senior Director, Slalom Song Zhang, R&D Lead/Cloud CoE Lead, ISO New England
TRACK 2Culture Of Innovation
Case Study: Learn How CNX Is Increasing Plunger Lift Production and Scalability While Reducing Methane Emissions
Driving Improved Asset Evaluation and Acquisition Decisions Through Secure, Collaborative, Virtual Data Rooms
Digital Twins in Energy—With a Focus on Asset Digital Twin for Water Management
Liz Karam, Head of Production Operations Solutions, AWS | Chris Robart, Chief Commercial Officer, Ambyint Kay Sutter, Associate Director EDM for Energy, S&P Global Varun Bindal, Energy Lead in Canada and Global Energy Industry Solutions Lead, Accenture
TRACK 3Accelerate Your Energy Transition
How Does the Cloud Accelerate the Energy Transition? The objective of a modern business is to build a customer aligned and data driven organization. Come join AWS as we discuss how this relates to the energy industry, and shows how our customers have been utilizing cloud infrastructure and AWS’s partner network to accelerate their overall business strategies across renewables, electrical networks and emerging technology.
The Digitization of Renewable Energy Operations
Building a Scalable Data Strategy for Production Analytics
Arun Sehgal, WW Business Development Leader, Energy Solutions, AWS Kristin Rock, Global VP Customer Success, Power Factors Matt Hall, Sr. Manager IT, Hilcorp Energy Company
TRACK 4Accelerate Your Energy Transition
Understanding and Addressing Operational Technology Cybersecurity Risks to Accelerate Digital Transformation Cybersecurity is a necessary component of successful digital transformation and cloud migration initiatives. This session will provide an overview and analysis of Operational Technologies (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) vulnerabilities, global threat activity targeting the Energy sector, and industry trends and observations gathered from Electric and Oil & Gas engagements worldwide. Attendees will receive proactive, actionable information and defensive recommendations to prepare for and combat the cybersecurity adversaries targeting the Energy sector, including collective defense enabled by the cloud.
A Call for a New Approach to Monitoring to Secure the Energy Transition Protecting endpoint operating technologies (OT) is an increasingly important challenge for the energy sector. As energy companies continue to digitize existing assets and build new assets with intrinsic network connectivity, they present an ever-expanding attack surface to escalating attacks. Trends show that cyberattacks on OT targets have increased in frequency and sophistication. Meanwhile, scarcity of human capital with the overlap of IT and OT knowledge needed to defend assets and the relentless pace of change as more devices are added to the asset base make monitoring and detection both technically difficult and potentially unaffordable to sustain. Overall, the energy industry has made tremendous progress in maturing cybersecurity capabilities. Yet current practices leave deeply concerning gaps – many energy companies literally do not have a complete inventory of the assets connected to their networks. Most companies lack the visibility needed to monitor their assets, or lack the processing capability needed to detect attacks underway. The vast volume of data produced by many different devices that use incompatible machine languages is an overwhelming challenge, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. To meet this challenge and answer both the technical and the business case, future cybersecurity solutions need to meet clear requirements: They must produce a unified threat stream, usefully automate analysis, prioritize the most consequential events, and make human analysts as efficient as possible. We believe that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions offer these characteristics, as well as ancillary benefits. This paper will describe in detail the current challenges faced by energy companies, the implications of observable industry trends, the characteristics that potential cybersecurity solutions must meet, and why we believe AI and ML technologies can meet these requirements now and in the future.
BPX Energy Achieves a 10X Faster Understanding of the Subsurface Faulting by Partnering With Halliburton and AWS 3D seismic data plays a fundamental role in fault interpretation and fault interpretation plays a significant role in all stages of an oil and gas development program. Fault interpretation can be tedious and particularly challenging in land seismic where the overall data quality is often hindered by complex overburden and near-surface geology. To identify and manage development risks, geoscientists are pushed to detect and interpret all structural discontinuities in a rigorous and efficient manner. This objective is a big challenge. BPX Energy has developed a complex set of workflows that are systematically applied to all 3D seismic coverage over development assets with active rig lines. The goal of this effort is to improve the pre-drill understanding of the local stratigraphy, structure, and fracture network by using more complex and compute intensive algorithms to extract additional subsurface information from available seismic coverage. In addition to providing a superior understanding of the target reservoir interval, these workflows also provide insights into the presence of overburden faulting and other potential drilling hazards which are then leveraged during well planning to reduce drilling risks and the costs associated with well and casing design. By collaborating with Halliburton Landmark and AWS and leveraging Seismic Engine, a DecisionSpace® 365 cloud application, BPX has taken these tedious and long-turnaround time workflows and have successfully delivered superior results using 10 times more input data which can be fully processed 10X faster.
Ben Miller, VP Services and R&D, Dragos Leo Simonovich, VP & Global Head, Industrial Cyber and Digital Security, Siemens Energy Forbes McIntosh, Technical Lead Geophysics, BPX Energy | Steve Angelovich, Domain Owner Geophysics, Halliburton Landmark Software & Services
TRACK 5Technical Workshop
Collecting and Analyzing IoT Data
Offshore Inspections with Amphibious Drones Controlled from the Cloud Ever seen a drone fly and dive into the water? Watch Naviator execute seamless inspections in both the air and the sea, reducing costs and increasing safety in marine inspections. SubUAS, the maker of the Naviator amphibious drone, collaborated with Defuzzy, a leading robotics company and word class experts in unmanned systems, to integrate the drone operating and control systems with AWS IoT Roborunner and AWS streaming and analytics services to execute inspections of offshore installations - such as platforms or wind turbines - at scale.
  Francisco Diez, CEO, SubUAS

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