Amazon EMR Migration Workshop

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About the Workshop

The Amazon EMR Migration Workshop is a free virtual or onsite workshop that can jump-start your Apache Hadoop/Spark migration to Amazon EMR. We recommend that your Apache Hadoop/Spark Admins, Data Engineers, and Infrastructure Engineers be present. Your Analysts, Data Scientists, or ML Engineers can also attend.
The workshop is customized to fit your specific use cases, goals, SLAs, business needs, and success criteria. A key part of the Workshop is discussing your current on-premises Apache Hadoop/Spark architecture, your workloads, and your desired future architecture. Amazon EMR experts will take you through the following topics:

  • The benefits of migrating your Apache Hadoop/Spark workloads to Amazon EMR
  • Migration methodologies and examples from other customers
  • Deep dives on how to ingest and store data, processing and analyzing data, data serving and consumption, security, data quality, orchestration, logging, monitoring, operations, and more
  • Guided labs to give you hands-on experience
If you have an Apache Hadoop/Spark workload on-premises and want to migrate to the AWS cloud, you are a good candidate. Complete the form and one of our technical experts will contact you to discuss your qualifications, needs, and potential dates.

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