eBook: Empowering innovation across Switzerland

Innovation surrounds us every day. Throughout human history, everyone from scientists and inventors to engineers have raced to produce the next big idea. Today, that race to build something new, better, faster, and more efficient continues-the kind of breakthrough that others only dream about.

In this eBook, explore how digital transformation enables innovation and discover real-life examples of how organizations in Switzerland are scaling and innovating with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You will learn about:

  • Cloud computing and its advantages
  • The three main benefits of digital transformation
  • AWS customer stories from Switzerland
  • The benefits of AWS's cloud infrastructure
  • How AWS can help with your digital transformation journey

Whether you are just beginning to explore what’s possible on the cloud, or well into the journey of leading an industry transformation, AWS can help you turn your vision into reality and accelerate into what’s next.

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