Explore new ideas with Modern Application Development

Join us at AWS Dev Day Online - Modern Application Development Edition, a free virtual event designed for developers, IT professionals and Solutions Architects who want to build more advanced, maintainable, scalable and secure applications.

AWS technical experts will explain key features and use cases, share best practices, walk through technical demos, and be available to answer your questions one-on-one via live Q&A. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to earn AWS credits and claim your certificate of attendance.


Please select the sessions you would like to attend below. Use the tabs to navigate between the tracks, and pick and choose the sessions you want to attend. If you are interested in two sessions that clash, don't worry we will make the content available on demand for you to view later.

Modern System and Application Development, using Microservices, Containers and Serverless, allows you to build and run simpler and more efficient applications and innovate with agility and speed.

The ability to deploy your applications faster, using CI/CD, run it without the need for provisioning or managing servers and design your teams to support it, opens new opportunities to build better services, designed for the cloud era. In this session, we will look into the move to Microservices, adopt new operations models with Containers and Serverless and introduce the concepts a product delivery pipelines to improve your products.

Speaker: Boaz Ziniman, Principal Developer Advocate