Scaling for Back to School: Cloud Best Practices for Education Technology Companies

About the webinar series

As school districts and universities worldwide quickly shift online due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Education Technology providers (EdTechs) must rapidly achieve greater scalability and flexibility to address the needs of students, teachers, and administrators. Join the Amazon Web Services (AWS) EdTech solutions architecture team to learn how you can prepare for the future, particularly the start of the next academic year.

Who should attend

This series is intended for AWS customers, particularly EdTech providers and education content publishers. Content is tailored for a technical audience (developers, DevOps managers, infrastructure, and IT leaders).

Webinar 1: Scalability Best Practices 

View the first webinar in our Scaling for Back to School series to get an overview of best practices. Hear observations from AWS solutions architects who supported customers during unprecedented scaling events that occurred within the EdTech sector. When school districts around the globe switched to online learning, there were several common findings that scaled successfully. Find out how you can apply those insights to your own organization.

Speaker: Ryan Peterson, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Webinar 2: Scaling Your Data Tier

Learn best practices for scaling by using purpose-driven databases.  See how to select the correct storage-persistence service for your workload and implement observability to improve database performance. You will also learn how to build in automatic scaling and caching to increase application performance and how to set up serverless databases (SQL and noSQL).

Speaker: Binu Pazhoor, Solutions Architect, AWS

Webinar 3: Cloud Security Best Practices

Making sure that your application is secure can feel like a never-ending task—and it is. Without a solid foundation, it can be difficult to take all the steps to properly secure your data. During this webinar, dive deep into AWS security best practices so you can learn ways to keep end users' data safe and secure. We’ll dive into 10 of these best practices and show you tools that you can use to evaluate, track, and mitigate security risks.

Speaker: Joe Chapman, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Webinar 4: Scaling with Serverless

Watch this session to hear about best practices for scaling workloads up and down using serverless technologies. Learn how moving to serverless can help reduce your infrastructure and management costs. Find out how to identify bottlenecks in your serverless workload and see reusable patterns for implementing serverless at scale.

Speaker: Mark Curtis, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

Webinar 5: Cost Optimization for EdTechs

In this session, you will learn how to analyze your AWS usage data to identify opportunities to reduce costs. Join us to review the most recent AWS tools to manage, monitor, and optimize your AWS spend. In addition, the speaker will help you discover factors that influence the cost of your AWS compute and explore matching storage classes to your business needs.

Speaker: Sebastian Leks, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

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