Digital assets can solve important problems, reduce costs, spark innovation, lower risk, and drive revenue and ROI, but only when used in a mature, risk-managed, and flexible approach."

— Dion Hinchcliffe, Constellation Research

A pragmatic leader’s guide to navigating the vital opportunities of digital assets in today’s dynamic markets

Chief information officers (CIOs) in the public sector today have momentous decisions to make as innovative new digital assets managed within blockchains and distributed ledgers become a vital part of the future of financial systems and government services.

Download the report by Constellation Research to learn how digital assets will become a significant $6.7 billion industry in the public sector as they evolve to create historic opportunities at the leading edge of the public sector in healthcare, logistics, supply chain, and other vital services when it comes to blockchain-managed assets and decentralized finance.

Download to gain valuable insights:

      • How the US public policy environment has matured around digital assets, including CBDCs, to manage risk while capturing benefits.
      • The fundamentals of digital assets and their significant potential benefits to stakeholders, especially the general public.
      • The attributes of a cloud-based digital assets infrastructure that can safety used as a basis for public sector offerings and service.
      • Recommendations on how to navigate the selection and adoption of a modern digital assets infrastructure.

Download the report