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Transform Your Organization with Real Real-Time Monitoring

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Acquia, a Drupal web experience provider, faced a common growing pain: with its expanding customer base and AWS workloads came numerous monitoring systems and scattered data from disparate sources and teams. The company knew it needed better insight into its customers’ resources and quicker access to data it could trust. Join our webinar to see why Acquia turned to SignalFx for real real-time monitoring for its AWS environment, enabling its entire organization with operational insights, from development all the way through sales. Learn how Acquia consolidated the number of monitoring services used, improved the quality of its customer services, and saved more than half a million dollars per year in costs.

Join the on-demand webinar to learn how to:
  • Release better code quicker by leveraging real-time streaming analytics.
  • Optimize the cost and capacity of your AWS environment.
  • Make timely data-driven decisions across your entire organization.
  • Consolidate monitoring and alerting for your AWS environment
When: Available On Demand (please register to view)

Who Should Attend:
This webinar is designed for C-level information officers, IT leaders and professionals, business decision makers, and developers.

AWS Speaker: Trevor Hansen, Partner Solutions Architect
SignalFX Speaker: Mike Klaczynski, Product Marketing Director
Customer Speaker: Aaron "Checo" Pacheco, Product Manager, Acquia