Date: May 5, 2022 (Thursday)
Time:2:00PM - 5:30PM (HKT)

AWS Data Web Day Hong Kong is back! It is a free online event designed to inspire and empower you to make better decisions and innovate faster with your data.In this half-day event, AWS customers and AWS experts will share with you the business use cases, latest trends and key concepts on data. 

Learn how to unlock critical insights from your data and create a strong data foundation for rapid innovation while achieving agility, scalability, and cost-savings. 

Register now to help your organization build a modern data strategy by modernizing your data infrastructure, unifying your data, and innovating new experiences with AI/ML.  

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日期: 2022 年 5 月 5 日(星期四)
時間:下午 2 時 至 5 時 30 分

AWS Data Web Day Hong Kong又回來了!這場免費的線上活動旨在啟發和協助您充分利用數據,作出更佳決定,開拓業務新方向。透過這場為期半天的活動,AWS客戶和專家將親身與您分享使用體驗、最新趨勢和主要的數據分析概念。

您可學習如何從數據取得重要的資訊,建立穩健的數據庫,推動創新、節省成本,還可因應業務規模變化而靈活調整。透過現代化數據基礎設施、統一數據和創新 AI/ML 體驗來幫助您的組織構建數據戰略。

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