Priority Startup Customer Offer: Cost Optimization Session

AWS offers a no-cost, optimization advisory consult for priority startup customers.

Our goal is to ensure AWS customers are always optimized, achieving the greatest value from AWS products and services at the lowest possible cost.

The Customer Optimization & Enablement Team will review your AWS spend and identify savings and modernization opportunities, allowing you to operate efficiently and extend your runway with AWS.

In a one-hour session, our Optimization Specialists can offer in-depth support including the following topics:

  • Cost optimization strategies and best practices
  • Modernization recommendations
  • Customized Savings Plan & Reserved Instance commitment recommendations based on your projections for future usage
  • Reserved Instance & Savings Plan Utilization and Coverage Analysis
  • Cost Analysis tooling & reports

Please fill out the form to the right to request your cost optimization consult. Your account team will reach out to schedule, at your convenience.