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What’s Inside My Containers? Container Monitoring and Run-time Security on Amazon ECS


Containers and microservices are designed to prove a reliable and low-cost way for teams to build and ship distributed applications. However, they also add extra layers of abstraction and orchestration to your environment that hinder your ability to do performance monitoring and security enforcement. Sysdig can help you overcome this challenge by providing full visibility for Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS), including the ability to monitor and enforce policies at any level of the application stack. Register for our upcoming webinar where we will review the challenges of this new infrastructure and give a number of live examples of monitoring and securing Amazon ECS and Kubernetes on AWS.

Join us to Learn:
  • How to instrument your AWS environment with Sysdig
  • Best practices for leveraging AWS and container metadata to optimize and secure your containers
  • How troubleshooting and forensics has changed in containerized environments
  • Updating alerts and policies for ephemeral infrastructure
When: Nov. 9, 2017 | 10 am PDT/1 pm EDT

Who Should Attend:
CISO; CIO; CTO; Ops/DevOps (Engineer, Architect, Lead, Director, VP); Security (Architect, Engineer, Director, VP); Cloud (Architect, Security, Engineer); Engineer (Director/VP, Software); Cloud Ops; Network Analyst; Application Security; Cyber Security; Performance Engineer; Container Lead; Sys Admin; System Administrator

AWS Speaker: Omar Lari, Partner Solutions Architect

Sysdig Speaker: Knox Anderson, Product