Innovation for Life: Cities Powered by the Cloud

Innovation for Life: Cities Powered by the Cloud

The public sector needs to be on the front line of innovation.

It must help citizens access real-time information online and make sure the justice system is available to all across multiple digital platforms. It needs to empower healthcare with the necessary technology resources to find new solutions, fast, and make sure that transportation remains efficient even under duress.

Download this new eBook to find out how cloud technology can support your mission to make all of these things a reality. You’ll learn more about how:

  • You can tap into the power of cloud to solve real-life problems that are affecting the world right now
  • Other organizations tackled the same problems before you—and their creative IT solutions
  • Open data can help bring transparency to your city
  • Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions will put the power to innovate in your hands
  • To use Internet of Things (IoT) to get insights about your city and reap the rewards

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