About the on-demand series

Whether you already have a robust security posture or feel like you can be doing more, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the AWS Partner network can help. AWS helps large organizations with a staff of IT professionals and small organization with limited staff and resources alike in improving their security.

These experts know how to enhance cloud security, address security, and compliance challenges that are unique to government and nonprofit organizations, and accelerate digital transformation. You will hear customer success stories from the public sector and practical tips for proactively identifying security weaknesses, improving cyber hygiene and resiliency, and mitigating risks associated with ransomware attacks.

What you can expect:

  • Explore guidance on building a ransomeware defense featuring AWS Blueprint for Ransomware Defense
  • Guidance on developing a zero trust security strategy to meet your organization's mission
  • Learn how to get started with building a secure data lake using tools like Amazon Athena or Amazon OpenSearch to analyze your data
  • Best practices on implementing cost-effective security basics for small and mid-sized public sector organizations

Who is this for?

US or global public sector organizations interested interested in enhancing their security posture and supporting their organization's security staff.


Blueprint for ransomware defense

Dive deep into the recently released AWS Blueprint for Ransomware Defense, which provides guidance and a mapping of AWS services and features to 40 recommended security controls from the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls). 

Achieving mission outcomes through zero trust on AWS GovCloud (US)

Watch the video to learn how you can reduce your organizational security risk, and achieve mission and business outcomes through Zero Trust architectures on AWS GovCloud (US).

Amazon Security Lake for government and nonprofit organizations

In this webinar, explore how Amazon Security Lake works and how to get started, and learn how tools Amazon Athena or Amazon OpenSearch Service can analyze your data.

Security basics workshop for government, nonprofit, education, and healthcare organizations with limited resources

In this workshop, watch how how enabling simple-to-use and cost-effective tools can improve your organization’s security posture, and not overburden your staff.

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