In the pursuit of continuous improvement, DevOps teams are increasingly turning to cloud-native principles when architecting their applications towards increased reliability, scalability, and performance. But the benefits of cloud-native don’t stop there. These patterns also enable teams to evolve from continuous delivery to continuous deployment.

Join experts from the DevOps Institute and AWS in this workshop to learn how to approach and instrument continuous deployment for cloud-native applications. You’ll take away a roadmap on how to adopt safer progressive delivery patterns and automate the release of every new build all the way into production with confidence and security.

You will learn:

  • About the differences, benefits, and complexities of continuous delivery, continuous deployment, and progressive delivery
  • How to use cloud-native principles and orchestrate the deployment of complex solutions using event-driven architectures
  • What instrumentation and testing approaches are critical for cloud-native and continuous deployment
  • How to use AWS native services and third-party tooling from AWS Marketplace to achieve your application delivery goals

Who Should Attend?

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), DevOps and engineering leaders, developers, cloud architects, and site reliability engineers.

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Leo Murillo, Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Leo is a CTO for a product engineering firm, founder and CEO of a cloud native consulting firm, DevOps Institute Ambassador and CNCF Speaker. He's seen a lot of cool technology and worked with a lot of organizations doing very different things over his 20+ years of experience.

Nam Le, Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS

Nam Le is a Specialist Solutions Architect at AWS covering AWS Marketplace, Service Catalog, Migration Services, and Control Tower. He helps customers implement security and governance best practices using native AWS Services and Partner products. He is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and his skills include security, compliance, cloud computing, enterprise architecture, and software development. Nam has also worked as a consulting services manager, cloud architect, and as a technical marketing manager.

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