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The impact of the cloud is undeniable—but the impact of rising cloud costs is just as important for your organization. Enterprises need visibility and control to avoid surprises in their cloud spend and optimize their cloud compute infrastructure. Cloud cost management tools help provide cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization.

Join this TechTarget/AWS webinar to learn how a curated digital catalog of software solutions can help business leaders reduce compute costs while ensuring scalability and availability. Speakers from ESG, AWS, and Spot by NetApp will share the latest trends, best practices, customer stories, and third-party innovations in AWS Marketplace that enable cloud bill monitoring and optimization in one convenient location.

Presenters will cover:

  • Recent trends in enterprise technology spending and cloud cost management
  • How to spend less and save more with spot EC2 Instances.
  • Techniques that you can use to manage and optimize your cloud deployment to reduce costs

Who Should Attend?

AWS business and technical customers, IT Finance, IT Operations leaders and professionals, DevOps professionals, cloud architects, CCOE (cloud center of excellence), CIOs, CTOs, and finance leads


Mark Bowker, ESG, Senior Analyst, Digital Workspace, Cloud Services & Orchestration

Senior Analyst Mark Bowker analyzes what it takes to support the modern, mobile workforce via digital workspaces. Leveraging 20+ years of IT industry experience, Mark researches the delivery, management, and experience of digital workspaces through both IT and end-user lenses.

Dan Kelly, Senior Go To Market Specialist EC2 Spot

Dan Kelly is a Senior Go to Market Specialist for EC2 Spot at AWS. Dan works closely with AWS Partners to incorporate Spot within their products and provide customers with the benefits of a successful spot integration. Dan is passionate about cloud computing and works with customers to build modern, cost effective infrastructure on AWS as a means to drive innovation.

Tomer Hadassi, Solutions Architect Lead

Tomer is Solutions Architect Lead at Spot by NetApp, leading the team that works with organizations to help them understand how they can utilize CloudOps best practices and processes to automate cloud optimization. Tomer brings over a decade of experience in IT, from managing data centers for Israeli intelligence at the start of his career to focusing on enterprise end point disaster recovery at VMware and helping enterprises become more agile and leverage cloud capabilities while working at McKinsey Digital Labs.

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