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Join AWS Machine Learning Marketplace to learn how you can easily leverage third-party pre-trained Machine Learning models from AWS Marketplace into your risk, customer analytics, or employee safety applications, and adapt your business to this new reality. This webinar highlights ready to use models from Electrifai, Mphasis, Provectus, CVEDIA, Prosper, and Closedloop.ai that do not require training or ML skills to incorporate in your business processes. These models help you navigate changing business needs, rationalize costs of new operations, and optimize the best IT and workforce solutions for your organization.

Attendees will learn about:

  • How to use third-party models to enhance your current processes
  • Specific software offerings from AWS Marketplace to support customer segmentation, X-Ray imagining models to detect C19, identify people with heightened risk of Covid19, sentiment analysis from news articles that might impact your business, improve social distancing and workforce protection using computer vision models.
  • AWS case studies on how to use AWS Marketplace to enable business continuity and operational changes

Who Should Attend?

Leaders- from executives, to IT heads, to line-of-business owners- whose organization requires operational change following COVID-19. Business decision-makers responsible for procuring innovative tools


Shishir Kapoor, Global Machine Learning Marketplace Lead for AWS

Shishir is a Global ML Category lead for AWS Marketplace responsible for driving overall GTM strategy to accelerate customer adoption of pre-trained machine learning model packages and algorithms developed by third party sellers. AWS ML Marketplace platform is a hosted repository of plug-and-play AI model packages and algorithms published by third party sellers that customers can deploy and integrate into their applications to accelerate ML adoption within their organization. Shishir brings over 15 years of cross-vertical industry experience in innovative product and practice development, with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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About AWS Marketplace:

AWS Marketplace is a digital software catalog that makes it easy to find, try, buy, deploy, and manage software that runs on AWS. AWS Marketplace has a broad and deep selection of security solutions offered by hundreds of independent software vendors, spanning infrastructure security, logging and monitoring, identity and access control, data protection, and more. These products can be integrated with AWS Services and other existing technologies, enabling you to deploy a comprehensive security architecture across your AWS and on-premises environments. Visit aws.amazon.com/marketplace to learn more.