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To maintain a competitive advantage, data-driven companies have been seeking more efficient ways to extract actionable insights from cloud data lakes – often adopting multiple solutions to consolidate their diverse data sets. While accelerating business intelligence, however, the added operational complexity also increases query latency as well as the dependencies on DevOps teams.

In this virtual session, learn how to get the full benefits of cloud data lakes without compromising the productivity of your Data and Operations teams. Join Amazon Web Services and DevOps Institute as they outline a roadmap for modernizing your data platform – from ingestion to transformation and decision intelligence. Discover key innovations that can reduce complexity, accelerate intelligence, and future proof your data-driven culture.

Presenters will explain how a modern data lake can:

  • Realize the elasticity of the cloud and reduce costs through consumption utilization
  • Prepare your structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data for integration with analytics and machine learning tools
  • Support data democratization and enable collaboration while maintaining security and data governance
  • Meet the needs of your data consumers by leveraging the solutions, support, and expertise of AWS Marketplace sellers such as Matillion and Databricks

Who Should Attend?

DataOps Professionals, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Data & Business Analysts, BI professionals, Database Professionals, I&O Leaders, Cloud Application Architects


Helen Beal, Chief Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Helen is Chief Ambassador at DevOps Institute. She helps people practice DevOps principles in real world organizations as a DevOps coach and consultant. Helen is also an analyst at Accelerated Strategies Group, a DevOps editor for InfoQ and writes for a number of online platforms. She is also a regular speaker at DevOps events.

Kanchan Waikar, Senior Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Kanchan Waikar is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services with AWS Marketplace for machine learning group. She has over 13 years of experience building, architecting, and managing, NLP, and software development projects. She has a masters degree in computer science (data science major), and she enjoys helping customers build solutions backed by AI/ML-based AWS services and partner solutions.

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