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Industry leaders build resilient systems that enable features to be continuously deployed faster and more frequently to customers than the competition. But for many organizations, the prospect of deploying live to production still contains too much risk.

Join this presentation with Adrian Cockcroft, VP Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS, to discover how to build a foundation for safely testing in production, including catching unknowns early with chaos engineering and rolling out functionality with feature flags.

You will learn:

  • How to define a blast radius for effective chaos experiments and feature rollout
  • How to implement Canary deployments to progressively release features to wider audiences as performance and reliability checks are passed
  • How tools in AWS Marketplace such as Gremlin, CloudBees, and LaunchDarkly can help you deliver more reliable features to customers faster

Who Should Attend?

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), DevOps and engineering leaders, developers, cloud architects, and site reliability engineers.


Adrian Cockcroft, VP Cloud Architecture Strategy at AWS

Adrian Cockcroft is Vice President, Cloud Architecture at Amazon Web Services. He played a crucial role in developing the cloud ecosystem as Cloud Architect at Netflix and later as a Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures. Prior to this, he held positions as Distinguished Engineer at eBay and Sun Microsystems.

Yaniv Bossem, Solutions Architect at AWS

Yaniv has been building software for over a decade with experience applying Agile techniques and best practices in development teams. He is passionate about accelerating digital transformation at large scale and breaking complicated applications into microservices-based architectures. At AWS partner network, Yaniv is working with independent software vendors specializing in DevOps.

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About AWS Marketplace:

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