AWS Marketplace would like to present you with a digital copy of the new book, Practical Guide to Security in the AWS Cloud, by the SANS Institute.

This book is a collection of knowledge from 18 contributing authors who share their tactics, techniques, and procedures for securely operating in the cloud. Each of the 27 chapters introduces a component of a bigger picture that, once put together, creates a holistic approach for your organization's security operations in the cloud.

These resources model the whole life cycle of security, touching on aspects of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework functions: Identify, Protect, Detect, and Respond. Reading this book's 365 pages will help provide security teams with foundational knowledge and actionable advice to succeed as they move to the cloud.

Read this book to learn about

  • Leveraging cloud services and automation to improve the effectiveness of security and compliance programs
  • Enhancing the protection of cloud-based applications, devices, and networks
  • Improving detection, response, and mitigation capabilities across the cloud
  • Incorporating AWS services and solutions in AWS Marketplace to advance your cloud security strategy

Who should read this?

Security practitioners (Security Analysts, Security Architects, Senior Security Engineers, etc.), Cloud Security Architects, and the office of the CISO.

Contributors include

Frank Kim (Cloud Curriculum and CISO Management Lead at SANS), Rob Lee (Chief Curriculum Director at SANS), Sounil Yu (Creator of the Cyber Defense Matrix and named one of Security's Most Influential People in 2020 by Security Magazine), Dave Shackleford (Analyst and Senior Instructor at SANS), Matt Bromiley (Instructor at SANS), J. Michael Butler (Contributing Author at SANS), Justin Henderson (Instructor and Course Author at SANS), Kyle Dickinson (Security Consultant at AWS and Analyst at SANS), David Hazar (Instructor at SANS), Josh Thurston (Category Lead, Security at AWS), Thomas J. Banasik (Analyst at SANS), David Szili (Analyst at SANS), Brian Russell (Analyst at SANS), Shaun McCullough (Instructor at SANS), Nathan Getty (Analyst at SANS), John Pescatore (Director of Emerging Security Trends at SANS), Kevin Garvey (SANS Community Instructor), and Nam Le (Senior Partner Solutions Architect at AWS Marketplace).

Download Now

Downloading this book will also give you access to a video series by Sounil Yu. In this video series, Yu explains how teams can align business considerations with security vendor capabilities to organize their technology and cover their threat landscape.