Notwithstanding the benefits of cloud infrastructure, cloud cost management persists as a major challenge to the adoption of modern architecture. Right-sizing analysis, consistent infrastructure monitoring, and performance optimization are not only a potential drain on your DevOps resources, but provide just a portion of the picture.

Watch this webinar to learn how to optimize cloud costs by adopting intelligent automation and best practices in a modern consumption model. In this training-based session, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DevOps Institute will discuss how to ready your cost management practice for automation, in turn improving your DevOps resourcing.

On-Demand attendees will also receive the associated whitepaper written by DevOps Institute Ambassador, Sean Davis.

Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Transition from a data center model to a modern consumption model to optimize utilization of on-demand, spot, and reserved instances (RI)
  • Enable team ownership of cloud spend and ensure your costs move in line with demand
  • Effectively use tag mapping and account groupings to gain a better understanding of cost allocation
  • Adopt automation and DevOps practices to scale and predict resourcing needs
  • Leverage partner solutions in AWS Marketplace such as Apptio Cloudability to continuously improve the unit costs of cloud

Who Should Attend?

IT Operations leaders and professionals, DevOps professionals, cloud architects, CCOE (cloud center of excellence), CIOs, CTOs, and finance leads


Sean Davis, Ambassador, DevOps Institute

Sean Davis recently joined Transunion as a DevSecOps Advocate to drive change in information security and enable secure, scalable products in the cloud. Prior to Transunion, Sean was the Chief Transformation Evangelist for Equifax. He is focused on creating opportunities between the market, customers, consumers, technology, and security teams to deliver exceptional experiences and exponential talent and market growth. He currently sits on several technology advisor boards and is a flagship instructor and ambassador for DevOps Institute and brand ambassador for YouExec. Sean enjoys coaching technical teams and individuals so they can exceed their own expectations and build secure, durable, and scalable business cultures and products. His primary areas of expertise are around business transformation, technical leadership, DevOps, Agile, and performance coaching.

Chris Chapman, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Chris Chapman is a Partner Solutions Architect at AWS, covering AWS Marketplace, Service Catalog, and Control Tower. His core mission is helping customers and partners automate AWS infrastructure deployment and provisioning. He is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and his skills include cloud computing, data integration and architecture, SaaS computing, and software design and development. Chris has previous experience as a developer, systems architect, and big data architect.

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