On-Demand Webinar: The University Campus Powered by Voice

On-Demand Webinar: The University Campus Powered by Voice

Educators use Alexa to elevate the campus experience and help students get more from their time at university by making it easier to find out about events, connect with professors, and access resources – all without having to open their computers.

Curious about how universities are using Alexa to engage with their students? In this webinar, you will discover:

Learning objectives

  • How Amazon Web Services (AWS) higher education customers use Alexa to improve student outcomes
  • How Alexa is removing language blockers and making international students feel like at home
  • How to successfully introduce Alexa into your institution
  • The future of voice technology in higher education

Who should attend?

CIOs and other university department heads to CIOs, CDIOs, Digital Transformation Leads, Heads of Student Services, and similar roles.


Chris Dixon, Head of IT Partnering and Innovation, Lancaster University, UK
Iñaki Bilbao Estrada, Vice Chancellor for Internationalization and Innovation, Universidad CEU, Spain
Patrick Jüptner, IT, RWTH Aachen University, Germany


Gi Fernando, Founder of Freeformers

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