Migrating Securely to AWS with Prisma™ Cloud

Language: Cantonese
Jerry Yuen, Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Felix Cheng, Cloud Security Architect, Palo Alto Networks

AWS and Palo Alto Networks would like to introduce the solutions that help you to migrate your container pipeline to AWS with enhanced security. In your cloud migration plan, security of your workloads would be one of the key considerations. Prisma™ Cloud is a cloud native security platform taking a defense-in-depth approach that can assist you to maintain the security and manage the compliance status of your cloud infrastructure and workloads in a simple way.

Come join us for an 1-hour webinar and learn more about the benefits of Prisma™ Cloud with AWS.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The AWS services for your container pipeline
  • The security challenges across the container lifecycle
  • What you can do with Prisma™ Cloud to protect your workloads on AWS

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