Transform your business at lower costs

Most likely, your organization is not in the business of running data centers, yet a significant amount of time and money is spent doing just that. Amazon Web Services provides a way to acquire and use infrastructure on-demand, so that you pay only for what you consume. This puts more money back into the business, so that you can innovate more, expand faster, and be better positioned to take advantage of new opportunities.

AWS helps your organization gain market advantages.
AWS' broad portfolio of solutions and services, empower organizations to drive measurable business success. A report from IDC indicates that AWS customers achieve important financial benefits that help increase growth, drive efficiencies, and realize important long-term cost reductions.

Typical TCO considerations

AWS Business Value Drivers



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What's Inside the e-book?
• Benefits of Cloud Computing
• IDC Report findings
• What is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?
• AWS TCO Methodology
• Cost Optimization on AWS and other Useful Resources

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