Webinar: Build toward a better world with AWS

An overview of AWS services and features for nonprofit organisations

Technology allows nonprofits to cost effectively reach donors and manage their relationships with reliable services. Running a nonprofit organization seamlessly allows for a more meaningful personal interaction that is both efficient and impactful.

In this webinar, learn how tens of thousands of nonprofits and NGO’s worldwide use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build highly available, scalable websites. See how to host core business and employee-facing systems and manage donor outreach and fundraising efforts, while keeping these mission-centric. With the cloud, nonprofit organisations can pave the way for innovation.

Learn about:

  • AWS Cloud computing resources that provide support to NPOs
  • Optimizing cloud workloads with AWS
  • Success NPOs achieved in the cloud across South Africa and the world
  • Opportunities to connect and discuss your technical architecture requirements


Ezlyn Barends, Nonprofit Territories Account Manager, AWS

Kirillos Akram, Solution Architect, AWS

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