25 Stories by 25 Founders 

Here at AWS, we have the unique privilege to witness and support the evolution of small teams led by entrepreneurs, as they grow into global companies with drive and a mission to succeed. To celebrate these success stories, we're proud to bring to you a very special eBook featuring 25 original interviews from 25 entrepreneurial founders.

Founders often have unique insights to offer around what drives them, how they got started, their decision-making process and how they've overcome challenges, which has the potential to inspire others to learn and take actions themselves. Notes from Founders aims to tell these stories.

Each month, we'll be publishing a new issue from the first volume of Startup Stories: Notes from Founders. By downloading the eBook, you'll subscribe to receive alerts and be the first to know when each new issue is published. You can learn more about the series here.

Still wondering what's in it for me? Download the eBook and...
  • Get access to personal notes from pioneering startup founders 
  • Learn lessons on how they’ve tackled challenges 
  • Get practical advice on what it takes to build a startup 
  • Discover unique insights into some of the brightest minds in tech