The AWS Serverless Developer Experience workshop is an immersive experience as a serverless developer. The goal of this workshop is to provide you with hands-on experience building a serverless solution using the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) and AWS SAM CLI. Along the way, you will learn about principles of distributed event-driven architectures, messaging patterns, orchestration, and observability and how to apply them in code. You will explore exciting open-source tools, the core features of Powertools for AWS Lambda, and simplified CI/CD deployments supported by AWS SAM Pipelines.

We’re excited to be bringing you this event in conjunction with ServerlessDays ANZ.

Workshop key takeaways

  • Hands-on experience using the AWS SAM and AWS SAM CLI, and understand the value of service composition.
  • Find out about open-source tools and utilities, and development practices that can make you a productive serverless developer
  • Learn how to apply serverless application integration patterns, event-driven architectures, and orchestration using a real-world architecture
  • Work with a real-world example, and solve problems, rather than follow formulaic copy and paste instructions.

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