Neuroimaging analyses in the cloud with AWS and RONIN

Research Computing with RONIN on AWS

Join us for the inaugural session of IMAGINE: The Future of Education, a series of conversations with (and for) education leaders who are adapting and thriving in our new normal.


Researchers need higher resolution images, larger-scale multi-site studies, and the need for reproducibility. To accomplish this, they can transition a neuroimaging laboratory to AWS, which provides flexible, scalable compute and storage. Join this webinar to learn how you can use RONIN on AWS to run scalable analysis on a budget. Discover how to select cost-efficient instances for computationally intensive neuroimaging workloads (such as fmriprep, FreeSurfer, Advanced Normalization Tools) and how to run these on a high performance cluster, visualize results, and save the cluster for future use to reproduce results.


55 minutes

Tara Madhyastha, PhD, Principal Research Scientist, AWS

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