AWS Public Sector Transformation Day explores how cloud adoption helps public services meet the needs of British citizens in the 21st century. This one-day event brings together technology professionals and functional leaders to help them accelerate their organisation’s use of cloud computing.

Hear from Companies House, The National Archives, and the UK Home Office who have all used the AWS Cloud to become more agile, cost-efficient public service providers. If you want to discover recent innovations, modernise your infrastructure, lead a digital transformation project, or make better use of your data, AWS Public Sector Transformation Day is the place to start.

Who should attend?

Functional leaders: If you’re planning the digital transformation of your organisation, a finance director interested in the financial impact of cloud adoption, or a CTO keen to accelerate cloud usage across key services, you’ll have access to a dedicated Government 101 leadership track led by digital transformation expert, Professor Mark Thompson.

Technology professionals: Discover AWS products and services to help you accelerate your cloud journey plus methodologies to support your innovation strategies. Learn about big data, artificial intelligence, large-scale migrations, cloud security, and more with opportunities to engage directly with AWS technology specialists.

Feature Topics

Explore public sector transformation topics and learn how to improve the rollout of new services and capabilities.

AWS Public Sector Transformation Day will provide you with insights into how your organisation can accelerate its transformation and will touch on organisational change, cloud economics, mass migration, enterprise workloads, compliance, data security, and innovation culture.

Leverage AI & Big Data
Leveraging Artificial Intelligence & Big Data
Cloud Economics
Cloud Economics
Migration & Enterprise Workloads
Migration & Enterprise Workloads
Security & Compliance
Security & Compliance
Industry Trends & Solutions
Industry Trends & Solutions
Digital Innovation & Business Transformation
Digital Innovation & Business Transformation
Culture & Organisational Change
Culture & Organisational Change

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Keynote Presentations

Enabling Public Sector Transformation Through Agility and Innovation

IT is no longer just a provider of services, with technology leaders increasingly being called upon to play a central role in the creation of citizen centric value. In this session, we explore the potential for transformation that comes with cloud adoption and hear from public sector organisations which transformed services and quickly delivered outcomes. We also explore organisational and technology best practices that you can implement to become more agile and innovative.
Jonathan Allen, Enterprise Strategist AWS
Jonathan Allen - Enterprise Strategist, Amazon Web Services

Jonathan joined AWS as an Enterprise Strategist & Evangelist in May 2017. In this role, he works with enterprise technology executives around the globe to share experiences and strategies for how the Cloud can help them increase speed and agility. Prior to joining AWS, Jonathan was Chief Technology Officer and Senior Director in Capital One Banks UK division, where he led large scale transformations including the roll out of regulatory compliance, and the move from outsourcing to out-tasking.

Internet: The Great Game Changer

Next to climate change, dealing with the impact of the mature internet on businesses, governments, and society is probably the single biggest issue facing humankind. This keynote session explores how the emerging digital economy changes almost everything, summarising the particular challenges it presents for public services. We’ll crystallise what ‘disruption’ and ‘transformation’ really means for government, cut through the buzzwords, and size up the opportunity.
Prof. Mark Thompson, Strategy Director at Methods
Professor Mark Thompson - Strategy Director, Methods | Professor in Digital Economy, Exeter University

Professor Mark Thompson is the Strategy Director at Methods, Advisor on Digital to the Scottish Government, member of Digital Leaders Advisory Board, a Main Board Member at TechUK, and Digital Economy Professor at Exeter Business School. He co-authored the book Digitising Government and launched “Better Public Services: A Manifesto at the Institute for Government.” Mark is acknowledged in the public domain as one of architects of digital service redesign within the UK public sector.

Guest Speakers

UK Home Office

Mike Siggins - Data Platform Product Manager, UK Home Office
Mike Siggins - Data Platform Product Manager, UK Home Office

Arriving in the Civil Service nearly 17 years ago Mike has been instrumental in the design and delivery of many key government initiatives through his creation of cost effective delivery teams, plugging gaps in business processes, and spotting opportunities for removal of manual, costly procedures. Mike's current role as Product Manager of the Immigration Data Platform builds on his proficiency in delivering at pace and his knowledge of using and handling data in order to evolve essential Home Office systems.
Simon Slocombe - Chief Technical Architect (PCPD), UK Home Office
Simon Slocombe - Chief Technical Architect (PCPD), UK Home Office

Simon has been pioneering big systems for 25 years, specialising in solving the problems that large data estates present to complex, multi-year programmes. In 2017, he led the data migration of the Home Office Immigration Estate to AWS in what was the largest public sector cloud re-platforming. Since then he has been focusing on building the next generation of data platforms capable of exploiting the newest operations in a drive to reduce cost, complexity, and time-to-market.

Companies House

Steve Bowen - Head of Platform Engineering, Companies House
Steve Bowen - Head of Platform Engineering, Companies House

Steve is responsible for automation, delivery and provisioning of Companies House platforms and environments, and the cloud migration of heritage services. He led the adoption of 'Infrastructure as Code' and migration of the organisation's flagship product from private cloud to AWS in 2017. Most recently in 2019 he orchestrated the large-scale move of data from the AWS region in Ireland over to the region in London.

The National Archives

John Sheridan - Digital Director, The National Archives
John Sheridan - Digital Director, The National Archives

John is responsible for The National Archives' ambition to become a digital archive by instinct and design. His role is to provide strategic direction, transform their digital offer, and to shape and drive forward its web-based services. A former co-chair of the W3C e-Government Interest Group, John has a strong interest in web and data standards. He serves on the UK Government’s Open Standards Board which sets data standards for use across government. John was an early pioneer of open data and remains active in that community.


08:00 Breakfast & Registration 
09:00 Welcome & Introductions 
09:10 Enabling Public Sector Transformation Through Agility and Innovation
Jonathan Allen - Enterprise Strategist, Amazon Web Services
10:10 Internet: The Great Game Changer
Professor Mark Thompson - Strategy Director, Methods | Professor in Digital Economy, Exeter University
10:40 Networking Break

Technology & Innovations Track
Hosted by AWS
Modernising Government Leadership Track
Hosted by Methods
11:00 AWS Encryption & Key Management for Data at Rest
Encryption and effective key management are critical data protection controls. For organizations that have moved to the cloud or are contemplating using the cloud, understanding the available encryption and key management options empowers them to make informed choices about protecting their data. This session will provide an overview of AWS encryption and key management.
Pipes to Platforms: Data Capitalism and Scale
Legacy organisations that grew up in the twentieth-century are struggling everywhere to make sense of the platform-ecosystem model. We’ll explore what platforms are, and how they use the internet to collect and analyse huge volumes of data to offer us personalised services, before we have even realised we want them. We’ll ask what platforms mean for government.
11:45 Microsoft Workloads & VMware On AWS - Demystified
In this session we'll look at retiring technical debt and increasing digital innovation by moving Microsoft and VMware workloads onto AWS. You'll see how to migrate, manage, monitor, and license your existing estate with a compelling TCO on AWS. Plus the recourses to help you move existing systems to the cloud quickly, with virtually no downtime.
The Value Challenge: Leverage and Focus
We’ll look at how platform-ecosystems pose uncomfortable questions for leaders of legacy organisations, such as government – basically challenging the value of many organisational functions, processes, and technologies. See how modern organisations choose to focus on value-adding activities, and consume much of everything else from the cloud.
12:30 Lunch 
13:30 How to build momentum in AWS migrations
This session focuses on practical guidance for building a solid foundation for your migration objectives. Effectively joining technical discovery with migration tooling and processes will increase speed within any migration programme. Learn about how AWS tackles migration projects, overcoming blockers, and the helpful tools available to accelerate your progress.
Deep Dive: Transforming Government
Our deep dive brings together our earlier insights, in pursuit of the opportunity to genuinely transform government - as opposed to tinkering around the edges with websites. We’ll look at the UK government’s ‘digital story’ of the last 10 years, with an honest assessment of the highs, the lows, and the lessons we should all learn for the future.
14:15 Storing data long term with Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive
In this session, we'll hear from The National Archives and look closely at Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Glacier Deep Archive, which enables customers with large datasets to eliminate the cost and management of tape infrastructure. We'll examine how it supports long-term retention and digital preservation of data that is seldom accessed.
Hands-on Discovery (Pt. 1): User Research
Our three-part discovery session offers a unique, hands-on introduction to how digital public services – in this case, housing benefit - are scoped out in the discovery phases preceding Alphas, Betas, and Live Running. Attend these short sprints and you’ll be able to brief, as well as challenge your digital team. In our first sprint, you’ll have a go at user research.
15:00 Networking Break
15:30 Building a secure, deduplicated data lake using AWS Lake Formation
Securely setting up and managing data lakes involves complicated and time-consuming tasks. AWS Lake Formation is a new service that makes it easy to set up a secure data lake in days. In this session, we'll look at the security of the data in the data lake, as well as the lake itself, and how Lake Formation allows you to perform deduplication and fuzzy matching of data.
Hands-on Discovery (Pt. 2): Digital Service Design
In our second sprint, we’ll look at user journey mapping, and you’ll map the ‘as-is’ existing service, capturing the points of friction that make it difficult for citizens to claim benefit – before designing an improved customer journey.
16:15 Driving smart transformational change through the use of AI & ML
The application of AI/ML can enable the public sector to transform with smart capabilities and a range of potential benefits. In this session we will review AWS AI and ML services, a number of applicable use cases, as well as considering the keys to success for embedding them into your own transformation projects.
Hands-on Discovery (Pt. 3): Digital Infrastructure
It’s one thing to design a shiny new digital service, but how much will it cost? How long will it take to deliver? Will you need to build it from scratch? Will it interface with other public services? Our final sprint introduces ‘Wardley’ mapping, a powerful framework that you will use to confront some of the difficult decisions you will need to make your service reality.
17:00 Post-event reception


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