Create a competitive advantage for your startup with AWS Marketplace

Startups across APAC struggle with the challenges of maintaining lean operational overheads and scaling their business into profitable markets. A successful startup is able to manage low costs, flexible technology and rapid speed to market. AWS Marketplace allows startups to take advantage of third party software solutions on a pay-as-you-go model whilst simultaneously offering startups a sales platform to access over 1million global customers.

View the webinar to understand from two successful startups in APAC on the benefits and learnings from adopting software from the Marketplace as well as selling your software solution on the Marketplace.

Who should join?

  • Startups that want to rapidly innovate by buying and deploying software solutions on-demand
  • Startups that want to simplify and streamline purchasing, license management and invoicing
  • Startups that want to create a new global route to market and remove customer procurement and adoption blockers

This webinar is highly recommended for founders, developers and VCs working at startups looking to create efficiencies and innovation around how they procure software solutions and B2B startups looking into scaling into global markets.

Session 1
Introduction to AWS Marketplace and why Startups in ASEAN should begin to consider the Marketplace for their business.
Session 2
Customer perspective on the benefits and learnings from deploying third-party software through the AWS Marketplace.
Session 3
Selling on the AWS Marketplace and accessing over 1 million customers with reduced barriers to entry.
Session 4
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