AWS Lift is a limited period offer which provides increasing levels of benefits for eligible businesses* when they start to build and grow on AWS.

This program offers comprehensive support including AWS Promotional Credits, AWS partner support and training to kickstart your journey on AWS. In the first year alone, AWS Promotional Credits up to USD $83,500* could be offered to you as you progress along important milestones in your AWS journey.

AWS Promotional Credits
Have AWS Promotional Credits automatically applied to your AWS account to help cover your AWS service usage.
AWS Partner Support
Engage with an AWS Partner for cost-effective scalable cloud solutions and capabilities for your organization.
AWS Training
Advance your cloud skills needed to transform your business with free digital training.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Offer Details

Small Steps, big rewards! Once accepted into the program (subject to qualification criteria in the below terms and conditions), you will unlock the AWS Lift benefits when you complete a minimum monthly billing of US $1 on AWS within 90 days of acceptance in the offer. Every AWS Promotional Credit tranche will be unlocked as you meet the milestone criteria detailed below.

For example: The first tranche of AWS Promotional Credits worth US $750 (M0) will be unlocked for you once you reach minimum US $1 billing on AWS after being accepted to the offer. As you ramp up on AWS and complete M1 criteria (exceed a monthly usage of US $500 and have exhausted the previously issued AWS Promotional Credits), the second tranche of US $1,000 (M1) will get unlocked for you. Similarly, US $9,000 (M4) will get unlocked as you complete M4 criteria (exceed monthly usage of $5,000 and have exhausted previously issued AWS Promotional Credits). You will continue to unlock incremental AWS Promotional Credits over a 12 month period based on your monthly usage growth and criteria completion as detailed in the table below.

Milestone completion AWS Promotional Credits unlocked AWS Usage Criteria AWS Promotional Credits Utilization Critera Engagement Critera
M0 $750 Minimum $1 billing monthly    
M1 $1,000 Monthly usage exceeds $500 100% utilization of previous milestone AWS Promotional Credits to be eligible for the next one  
M2 $1,750 Monthly usage exceeds $1,000  
M3 $3,500 Monthly usage exceeds $2,000  
M4 $9,000 Monthly usage exceeds $5,000  
M5 $17,500 Monthly usage exceeds $10,000 AWS Executive meeting
M6 $50,000 Monthly usage exceeds $25,000 Complete Well Architected Review
Total $83,500      

Offer Guidelines

  • The date of $1 monthly billing will be marked as your ‘benefits launch date’. The program offer validity will expire on ‘benefits end date’ which is exactly 12 months from the benefits launch date. The ‘benefits launch date’ must start latest within 90 days once you are accepted for this offer.
  • All AWS promotional credits issued during the 12 months starting from ‘benefits launch date’ will expire on ‘benefits end date’.
  • Eligible AWS Promotional Credits are checked against milestones and issued in the subsequent month of reaching a milestone.
  • You cannot avail AWS funding benefits from other AWS programs while on this offer.
  • Please refer to the Offer Terms and Conditions for qualification criteria for the offer.

Terms and Conditions

By registering, you agree to the promotional offer’s terms and conditions.

  1. On the date of your registration you will have: (a) an official company website, (b) billing in the last 3 months of less than $750 per month with Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), or have no account with AWS, (c) received AWS Promotional Credits from AWS not exceeding $500 in the last 12 months, (d) applied through the official email address on the registration page to receive AWS Promotional Credits provided in accordance with the milestones provided here, upon completion of the AWS usage, engagement and credit utilization requirements provided therein.
  2. This offer is only valid for residents of Singapore and Philippines, 18 years and older.
  3. The AWS Promotional Credits are issued by i. Amazon Web Services Singapore Pte Ltd (“AWS SG”) in Singapore; ii. Amazon Web Services, Inc. (“AWSI”) in Philippines.
  4. Partner support and trainings would be provided by AWS SG in Singapore for Singapore SMB greenfield customers and by AWSI in the Philippines for Philippines SMB greenfield customers.
  5. Failure to provide AWS complete or accurate information may delay or prevent offer fulfillment.
  6. This offer is limited to one per customer and account, if applicable.
  7. This offer may not be combined with other offers.
  8. You cannot avail any other AWS promotional offers under other AWS programs while you are enrolled for this offer.
  9. AWS Promotional Credits are subject to the terms and conditions set forth at AWS Promotional Credits have no intrinsic or monetary value.
  10. All AWS Promotional Credits provided under this offer will be valid for a period of 12 months after the date of the first issue of AWS Promotional Credits through this offer.
  11. The offer has a limited number of slots only and hence applications will be reviewed and accepted subject to offer availability.
  12. AWS reserves the right to modify or cancel the offer at any time. Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold.
  13. Offer will expire after 12 months from the Benefits Launch Date, where the “Benefit Launch Date” is the date from which you bill a minimum of $1 per month for your use of AWS after you are accepted for this offer, and which cannot be later than 90 days after acceptance of your application.
  14. If you violate any of these terms and conditions, the offer will be invalid.
  15. Void where prohibited.
  16. Your information is handled in accordance with the AWS Privacy Notice.
  17. You will be responsible, as required under applicable law, for identifying, filing and paying all taxes and other governmental fees and charges (and any penalties, interest, and other additions thereto) that may be imposed on you with respect to the transactions under this Terms and Conditions. The AWS may deduct or withhold any taxes that the AWS may be legally obligated to deduct or withhold from any benefits provided to you under these terms and conditions, and benefits provided to you as reduced by such deductions or withholdings will constitute full award of benefits to you under this Terms and Conditions. For a reasonable period after the award of benefits, you will provide AWS with any forms, documents, or certifications as may be required for AWS to satisfy any information reporting or withholding tax obligations with respect to the benefits provided under this promotion.

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