With the new normal, retail companies are moving their focus from offline to online. Video Commerce is now an essential strategy to grow retail business to better engage customers online and to attract Millennials & Gen Z who are familiar with video and mobile-based media.

However, launching video commerce is not easy due to the challenges such as the complexity of the operation, a long period of project time, and high media hardware purchasing cost.

MegazoneCloud's CloudPlex Media, a ready-made & fully-managed live video streaming platform powered by AWS, is helping retail companies seize new business opportunities with video without any hassle.

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Offer Details

  • Free Demo & Consultation for Video Commerce

Offer Benefits

  • Launch video commerce in minutes
  • Stream live video and VoD with simple schedule and content management functions
  • Scale as you grow without the heavy lifting of acquiring expensive video hardware
  • Better understand your customers’ behaviors and pattern with analysis dashboard

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