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Inspiring innovation in education technology

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) created the EdTech Startup Guide for founders, developers, and technology startups serving the global education community. Featuring over 20 customers and subject matter experts, the guide identifies emerging trends and illustrates global insights. It provides technology recommendations, addresses key questions about the education ecosystem, and highlights critical needs. Read to discover opportunities to securely develop digital tools and apps for learning, learn key trends in the market, and get advice from industry experts to grow your startup.

Download the guide to gain valuable insights on 7 key trends:

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  1. The future of online and distance learning
  2. Rapid product innovation
  3. Global market expansion
  4. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  5. Accessibility
  6. Social emotional learning (SEL)
  7. Fundraising

Learn from EdTech founders and subject matter experts including:

Roybi | Class2Class | Knowt | Genially | Domlexia | EdTech Impact | GG4L | LearnLaunch | Catalyst at Penn GSE | Eduspaze | Eduvation | Oriental Education Institute | TiE Bangalore | Edinno | Supercharger Ventures | Honorlock | UIncept | Future Education | EduLab Capital Partners | Promise Ventures Studio | Copper Wire Ventures | New Markets Venture Partners | Arc Capital Development | OneValley

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