Data Lifecycle and Analytics: A Reference Guide and Webinars

Whether your goal is to modernize IT, adopt artificial intelligence, or better serve your mission, data-driven decision-making is key. You have more data than you can manage, but there’s opportunity to extract more value than before. Lower data management costs by storing, staging, processing, and analyzing it in the AWS Cloud.

Watch our webinars or download “Data Lifecycle and Analytics in the AWS Cloud” – a guide for data management and analytics for data-driven decision-making.

Webinar 1: Preparing Your Data for Cloud Analytics & AI/ML
Webinar 2: Leveraging Cloud Analytics to Support Data-Driven Decisions
Learn about data lifecycle best practices in the AWS Cloud. Discover how to optimize performance and lower the costs of data ingestion, staging, storage, cleansing, analytics, visualization, and archiving.
Attend this webinar to learn about AWS business intelligence (BI) analytics, visualization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning services that can transform data into insights.


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