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Mikatasa Agung is a family-run business based in Indonesia that has been manufacturing paints and adhesives for more than 40 years. Its products have a reputation for its high quality and can be found in more than 15,000 domestic retail outlets across the country.

We’re building layers and layers of information on top of raw data, and AWS provides us with the convenience of accessing that data, analyzing it, and facilitating information sharing.​

Reasons for choosing AWS

  • Sought a secure and established cloud provider to improve security and prevent data leaks​

  • Improve efficiency and accessibility of Mikatasa’s ERP system​


  • Reduces resources required for maintenance by 50%​

  • Lays foundation for data collection and analytics​

Start building on AWS today

Gain free, hands on experience and explore business productivity, customer engagement or cloud desktop services. AWS offers three different types of free offers that are available depending on the product used. To start, sign up for an account now, follow the tutorials and start building in the console.​