Disaster Recovery and Backup for Oracle and SAP

AWS Coffee Break



In this episode of AWS Coffee Break, Dylan Locsin Senior Product Marketing Manager, Storage at AWS and Abdul Mohammed, Senior IT Architect at Kellogg Company discuss leveraging AWS Storage Gateway and EBS Snapshots for Oracle backups.

Kellogg’s is using Amazon EBS snapshots to take incremental daily backups and full weekly backups of their Oracle database, which are stored in Amazon S3. For the transactional logs, they needed a faster, more scalable solution. They are using AWS File Gateway and storing the NFS shares in S3 and then using S3 cross-region replication to make a disaster recovery copy in another region. Kellogg’s has decreased their transactional log RPO to 15 minutes and RTO to 10 minutes, and can bring up the entire SAP stack in 30 minutes.

Hear how the Kellogg Company reduced backup costs
using AWS services.

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Hear more about Kellogg's migration to AWS, how they minimized backup costs, and hybrid storage architectures.